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When a bunch of us baseball authors realized we had books coming out amid a uniformly canceled slate of readings and appearances, we began to wonder what book promotion would look like in lockdown. How would we do it? And where?


The answers are together and right here.


We’ve forged a brand-new community in which to discuss our books, our processes and our high adventures in the world of baseball journalism through one-on-one author interviews, panel discussions and the occasional Quarantined Author Happy Hour.


Our goal is not just to provide compelling content and sell our books, but to drive traffic to local independent bookstores. We offer links to Indie Bound for all of our books, and highlight those shops where some of our cancelled events were to be hosted.



As of Monday, Sept. 21, the Pandemic Baseball Book Club is officially a Charter Community within SABR. Joining forces with the preeminent organization of baseball research and analysis will allow us to broaden our reach and interact with our audience in ways that are fruitful for authors and readers alike.


SABR, with 6,000 members and dozens of regional chapters across the country, is itself a baseball community, and the Pandemic Baseball Book Club, as collective of baseball authors, sees itself as a seamless addition. With initiatives aimed at easy connections—for chapters looking for guest speakers for example, or for authors looking for expertise from the most informed collective of baseball obsessives on the planet—this connection should be beneficial to all involved.


SABR is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. We look forward to helping it forge the next 50.



The Pandemic Baseball Book Club is an ongoing collective of baseball authors, founded on the principle of cooperation over competition. With an emphasis on diverse and quality content, we are committed to maintaining a supportive, inclusive and collaborative platform for discussion, content-creation and author promotion. We strive to represent and advocate for the value of baseball—what baseball can be and what it should look like.

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