Escape From Castro's Cuba, with Author Tim Wendel

Novelist Tim Wendel brings his readers back to Havana for his visionary sequel to Castro's Curveball, where the main character becomes entangled in a scheme that pits him against his old friend Fidel Castro. He's here in conversation with Emily Nemens, author of The Cactus League.

Telling Baseball People's Stories, a Tattered Cover All-Star Panel

Convened in conjunction with the Tattered Cover bookshop's array of author panels in conjunction with the All-Star Game, this group of Pandemic Baseball Book Club authors talks about inhabiting the personas of their subjects, and writing in a ballplayer's voice. Panelists are Dave Jordan (Cobra), Dan Epstein (The Captain & Me) and Mitch Nathanson (Bouton). Moderated by Jason Turbow.

Vida Blue and Black Baseball, with Author Howard Bryant

Fifty years ago, a rookie pitcher named Vida Blue ravaged the major leagues, becoming the youngest player to win the MVP or Cy Young Award, let alone both at the same time. Frank Guridy and sportswriter/cultural critic Howard Bryant discuss Blue, and the state of Black players in the sport, past and present. And, yes, Rickey Henderson matters to the story.

Lights, Camera, Fastball, with Author Dan Taylor

During their 20-year run in the Pacific Coast League, the Hollywood Stars were among the most inventive teams in baseball, with celebrity owners and fans including Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart and Humphrey Bogart. They wore short pants, used cheerleaders and pioneered air travel.Lights, Camera, Fastball author Dan Taylor tells tales from the team's history with David Krell, author of 1962.

Cheated, with Author Andy Martino

At this point, we all know what happened with the Houston Astros ... or do we? Using new, in-depth research, award-winning journalist Andy Martino uncovers the deep storylines that led to the Astros cheating scandal, and humanizes the characters therein beyond the many two-dimensional portrayals with which we've so far been inundated.

100 Miles of Baseball, with Authors Dale and Heidi Jacobs

In 100 Miles of Baseball, authors Heidi L.M. Jacobs and Dale Jacobs create a series of beautiful, heartfelt and carefully considered meditations on baseball's myriad pleasures and meanings. They're in discussion with Andrew Forbes, author of The Only Way Is the Steady Way.

#Never Give Up, with Author Ruppert Jones

Ruppert Jones' life and big league career was altered when he collided with an outfield wall in 1980, the resulting brain injury slowly altering his personality and affecting bad behavior. Now, Jones tries to make sense of it all in his new memoir. He is interviewed by Andrew Maraniss, author of Singled Out.

The Giants and Their City, with Author Lincoln Mitchell

In the late 1970s, the Giants had no recognizable stars, were last in the league in attendance, and had more than one foot out the door on the way to Toronto when a local businessman and a brand new mayor found a way to keep the team in San Francisco. Lincoln Mitchell delves into the decades-long accord struck between a baseball team and a city with a unique and frequently confounding political culture. In conversation with Dave Jordan, author of COBRA.

COBRA, with Author Dave Jordan

Dave Parker was one of the biggest and most badass baseball players of the late twentieth century. Cobra is the story of a Black athlete making his way through the sport during a time of social and cultural transformation. Author Dave Jordan talks about this epic tale of friendship, indulgence, redemption and family.

Comeback Pitchers, with Author Steve Steinberg

In Comeback Pitchers, author Steve Steinberg and co-author Lyle Spatz uncover two great, forgotten Dead Ball Era pitchers, Jack Quinn and Howard Ehmke, whose paths crossed on multiple teams, in fascinating ways. The result is a heretofore untold story including Connie Mack, Ty Cobb and other legends of the game. In conversation with Mark C. Healey, author of Gotham Baseball.

The Best Team Over There, with Author Jim Leeke

Epilepsy, alcoholism and the Great War. Author Jim Leeke discusses the fascinating and tumultuous World War I service of baseball Hall of Famer Grover Cleveland Alexander, and how it profoundly affected the rest of his career ... and the rest of his life. In conversation Don Zminda, author of Double Plays and Double Crosses.

Clubbie, with Author Greg Larson

Former minor league clubhouse attendant Greg Larson airs all the dirty laundry on life in the minors, as well as the lengthy and controversial process of writing and publishing a clubhouse memoir/exposé. In conversation with author Andrew Forbes.

The Captain & Me, with Author Dan Epstein

Epstein tells the story of former Yankee Ron Blomberg's friendship with legendary catcher Thurman Munson during the early days of the infamous Bronx Zoo. In conversation with Lincoln Mitchell. 

Two Sides of Glory, with Author Erik Sherman

Erik Sherman

People best remember the 1986 Red Sox for one play: Bill Buckner's error. Erik Sherman goes in depth with the central players from that roster to find out what their lives have looked like ever since, and to explain how the team, and Buckner himself, cannot be defined by a single moment. In conversation with Clubbie author Greg Larson.

The Only Way is the Steady Way, with Author Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes offers a series of mediations on baseball as he sees it, pertaining to society, geography, parenthood and, from his perch in small-town Canada, nationality. Ichiro Suzuki, as both player and symbol, dominates these pages, lending heart and depth to multiple essays. Andrew discusses TOWSW with Devin Gordon, author of So Many Ways to Lose.

Our Team, with Author Luke Epplin

Luke Epplin

Just 11 weeks after Jackie Robinson debuted with the Dodgers, Larry Doby integrated the American League for Cleveland. Doby, owner Bill Veeck, Bob Feller and Satchel Paige intertwined in a dramatic story that's at the heart of Our Team. Author Luke Epplin discusses his book with author Andrew Forbes.

The Sports Revolution, with Author Frank Guridy

Frank Guridy

How did integration, free agency and wealthy team owners across all sports help Texas change the culture of the American sporting landscape? THE SPORTS REVOLUTION author Frank Guridy tells the story of Texas sports history -- and American sports history -- in conversation with author Dan Epstein.

Double Plays and Double Crosses, with Author Don Zminda

Don Zminda

We all know about the Black Sox scandal of 1919, in which certain members of the Chicago White Sox were paid to throw the World Series. In his new book, author Don Zminda tells us that the scheme carried into the 1920 season, and was further reaching than people have realized.

So Many Ways to Lose, with Author Devin Gordon

Devin Gordon

How many ways are there to lose? If you're the New York Mets, SO MANY. Author Devin Gordon discusses his chronology of Mets failure and abundant tales of woe with Frank Guridy, author of The Sports Revolution. 

Singled Out: The True Story of Glenn Burke, with Author Andrew Maraniss

Andrew Maraniss

It's not often that two authors get to discuss a subject they've both written about, but Andrew Maraniss — whose new book, Singled Out, discusses Glenn Burke, MLB's first openly gay player — gets to do that very thing, being enjoined in conversation by Erik Sherman, who wrote Burke's biography, Out at Home, in 1995.

Stealing Home Wins The Seymour Medal!

Last week, Stealing Home was awarded the Seymour Medal, SABR's award for baseball book of the year. To commemorate the moment, we sat down with author Eric Nusbaum and SABR CEO Scott Bush to discuss the award.

How Baseball Happened, with Author Thomas
W. Gilbert

Thomas W. Gilbert

Author Thomas W. Gilbert discusses his new book, How Baseball Happened: Outrageous Lies Exposed! The True Story Revealed, with Ralph Carhart, author of The Hall Ball.

PBBC Presents: A's vs. Giants

The Pandemic Baseball Book Club presents A's vs. Giants, in which two die-hard fans square off to see who knows more about their respective teams, as judged by our crack panel of Joan Ryan, Chris Haft and Ray Ratto. Points are awarded, snide comments are made and a champion is crowned. 

SABR 50 at 50 Panel

To commemorate its 50th birthday, SABR put out an astounding book of 50 essays it's published over the years, called 50 at 50. PBBC gathered its editors -- John Thorn, Leslie Heaphy, Mark Armour and Bill Nowlin -- to talk about its creation and the stories therein.

PBBC Movie Debate: For Love of the Game

Brad Balukjian adores the Kevin Costner movie For Love of the Game. Jason Turbow and Anika Orrock have good taste, and do not. Together, they appear on the Big Screen Sports podcast, where host Kyle Bandujo gamely tries to make sense of it all.

What the Yankees Can Teach Us About Leadership, with Author Colin Cerniglia

Colin Cerniglia

Colin Cerniglia, author of the new book Culture of Excellence, sits down with Mark C. Healey to discuss what we can learn from the New York Yankees about leadership.

The Pandemic Baseball Book Club Joins SABR

The Pandemic Baseball Book Club has officially joined SABR, and it's a partnership made in heaven. To mark the moment, PBBC founders Jason Turbow, Anika Orrock and Eric Nusbaum sat down with SABR CEO Scott Bush to discuss our collective state of affairs, and a surprising amount of minor league baseball.

Joan Ryan and John Shea Talk About Their Recent Titles at Sausalito Books by the Bay

Joan Ryan and John Shea brought a distinctly Bay Area vibe to their event last week at Sausalito Books by the Bay, where they discussed Intangibles and 24.

Extra Innings: Fred Claire's Journey to City of Hope and Finding a World Championship Team

Former Dodgers General Manager Fred Claire discusses the new book, written by journalist Tim Madigan, that examines both LA's 1988 championship team and his battle against jaw cancer. In conversation with They Bled Blue author Jason Turbow.

Gotham Baseball: New York's All-Time Team

Mark C. Healey

Mark C. Healey discusses his book, Gotham Baseball — the culmination of his longtime magazine and website of the same name — with Ralph Carhart, author of The Hall Ball. 

Buy Gotham Baseball.

Issei Baseball: The Story of the First
Japanese American Ballplayers

Rob Fitts

Before there was professional baseball in Japan, a group of Japanese ballplayers decided to tour the United States, starting in Los Angeles. Rob Fitts wrote about it. He discusses his book with Mitchell Nathanson, author of Bouton. 

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Extra Innings: Fred Claire's Journey to City of Hope and Finding a World Championship Team

Fred Claire

Former Dodgers General Manager Fred Claire discusses the new book, written by journalist Tim Madigan, that examines both LA's 1988 championship team and his battle against jaw cancer. In conversation with They Bled Blue author Jason Turbow.

Jason Turbow and Brian Wright Discuss Tom Seaver's impact on the New York Mets

With Tom Seaver's passing, Jason Turbow sat down with Brian Wright, author of The New York Mets All-Time All-Stars, to talk about the impact Tom Terrific made on his first and most prominent team. 

YOGI: A Life Behind the Mask

Jon Pessah

Jon Pessah, author of Yogi: A Life Behind the Mask, dives deep into the golden age of Yankees baseball by exploring the winningest player of all time. In conversation with Jason Turbow, author of They Bled Blue, for the Pandemic Baseball Book Club.

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PBBC Presents: Mets vs. Yankees, a Game Show

Brian Wright, author of The New York Mets All-Time All-Stars, squares off against James Griffin, author of The New York Yankees All-Time All-Stars, to see whose knowledge of New York baseball runs deeper.

Our esteemed judging panel is made up of Tyler Kepner, Jared Diamond and Jon Pessah, Hosted by Jason Turbow.

Let's play some games!

The Hall Ball

Ralph Carhart

Ralph Carhart discusses his book, in which he brings a baseball, scavenged from a creek in Cooperstown, to every Hall of Famer, living or dead. In conversation with Mark C. Healey.

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PBBC at New Jersey City University

In a panel discussion at NJCU, Pandemic Baseball Book Club founders Brad Balukjian, Eric Nusbaum, Anika Orrock and Jason Turbow discuss the club's origin story and offer readings from their own books. Moderated by PBBC member, and author of The Hall Ball, Ralph Carhart.

The Hall Ball

Ralph Carhart

In conversation with Mark C. Healey on
June 18, 2020.

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PBBC Presents: Icons and Iconoclasts

A panel conversation about some of the greatest characters baseball has known. Jon Pessah (YOGI), John Shea (24), Mitch Nathanson (Bouton), Dale Tafoya (Billy Ball) and Jason Turbow (They Bled Blue) discuss the towering figures central to their books. Moderated by Justin McGuire.

June 29, 2020

From the Stick to the Cove

Chris Haft 

Chris Haft discusses his book, written in conjunction with legendary San Francisco Giants clubhouse manager Mike Murphy. In conversation with John Shea.

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From the Stick to the Cove: My Six Decades With the San Francisco Giants

Chris Haft

In conversation with John Shea on May 18, 2020.

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The New York Mets All-Time All-Stars

Brian Wright

In conversation with Mark C. Healey on May 17, 2020.

Buy The New York Mets All-Time All-Stars.

Queen of the Negro Leagues: Effa Manley and the Newark Eagles

James Overmyer

In conversation with Bill Nowlin on June 3, 2020.

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Working a "Perfect Game"

Bill Nowlin

In conversation with Jim Overmyer on June 14, 2020.

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Baseball for Kids

Adam MacKinnon

In conversation with Eric Nusbaum on May 15, 2020.

And prior to the conversation: This.

Buy Baseball for Kids here.

24: Life Stories and Lessons from
the Say Hey Kid 

John Shea

In conversation with Joan Ryan on May 12, 2020.

Buy 24 here.


Dale Tafoya

In conversation with Jacob Kornhauser on May 10, 2020.

Buy Billy Ball here.


Emily Nemens

In conversation with Anika Orrock on April 28, 2020.

Buy The Cactus League here.


Eric Nusbaum

In conversation with Jason Turbow on April 25, 2020.

Buy Stealing Home here.


Anika Orrock

In conversation with Brad Balukjian on April 10, 2020.

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Joan Ryan

In conversation with Ray Ratto on April 23, 2020.

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D.B. Firstman

In conversation with Brad Balukjian on April 6, 2020.

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Jared Diamond

In conversation with Tyler Kepner on April 3, 2020

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Tyler Kepner

In conversation with Jason Turbow on April 2, 2020.

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Jason Turbow

In conversation with Eric Nusbaum on March 30, 2020.

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Jason Turbow

In conversation with sing-songwriter Bob Hillman on March 27, 2020.

When he found out about the existence of They Bled Blue, Bob Hillman—who as an 11-year-old in LA in 1981 worshiped those Dodgers—seized upon it as inspiration and immediately wrote a song about Fernando Valenzuela. Jason and Bob discuss the song and those Dodgers and wonder of baseball in childhood.

Find Bob Hillman here.

Check out Dodger blog Think Blue Planning Committee's take on Bob's song here.

Hear the studio version of "On Opening Day (Fernando Valenzuela)"


Brad Balukjian

In conversation with Jason Turbow on March 25, 2020.

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